Many sports don’t involve any contact with your competitors at all. These include golf, archery and cricket. Then again, there are others, such as Rugby, that require you to smash through your opponents just to score a goal, or touchdown in this case. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, rugby and football are not exactly the same thing. We will look at what the sport is, how it came about, its difference to football and how you can get access to the best rugby games.

According to historical data, rugby started back before its proposed mid 19th century date. The only reason 1845 is actually recorded as the origin of football is because the first rules appeared in that year. In 1845, a set of rules, guidelines and codes of conduct created by regular players rather than an association of big shots.

It was not until 1871 that 21 clubs, including King’s College, Mohicans, West Kent, Wellington College, Clapham Rovers and Civil Service, signed a charter. And thus, the Rugby Football Union was created. Ever since then, the game has changed time and time again, from rules to entire game play concepts. In fact, it was in the very same year that the first international game, in this case between Scotland and England was played. Today, rugby is played in many countries by literally thousands of players. Some players have even gone to great lengths to help the sport expand. Legends such as Jonah Lomu, Don Carter, David Campese, Jonny Wilkinson and Martin Johnson have helped create a lot of interest for the sport.

However, contrary to popular belief, the only real way to enjoy the sport is to watch it live at a stadium. Watching a match on television is just not fun anymore, not unless it’s a really important and tense match. That’s where Dazzling Deals Tickets come in. At Dazzling Deals Tickets, we help you get your tickets before anyone else does.

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