The history of Basketball spans for more than one hundred and fifty years. Few people will know that the original game which started off somewhere in the 1800s was actually played by eighteen players. The game has matured since its humble beginnings in the early days when peach baskets were used as hoops. Today, Basketball, which offers non-stop action from start to finish, is considered as one of the most loved sport in the U.S and the world at large, with over three hundred million followers world-wide. With many of its players gaining instant world-wide fame and recognition from Tokyo to Bogota.

Some of the greatest basketball players of the past, more aptly known as the “big man's era” included Magic Johnson, Shaq, Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul Jabbar who were and still are some of the most iconic names in the sport. These individuals set the foundations of the game and made it the spectacle which is watched and enjoyed worldwide. Present-day basketball enthusiasts can buy tickets online to catch all their favorite stars like Kobe and Lebron, shooting hoops on the Basketball court.

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