Lacrosse is said to be the oldest game in North America. It originated from the Native Americans, who used this game as a means of settling disputes. The game was also played to train men for wars, as it was believed to develop stamina and endurance in men and make them strong. Even today, many native tribes still call lacrosse as "The Creator’s Game."

The sport is a combination of hockey, basketball and soccer and is played using a long stick that has a net at the end. The aim of the game is to toss a rubber ball into the goal. Throwing and catching the ball with the help of the lacrosse stick requires a lot of practice. A ball of stone, animal skin, wood or clay was used by the natives when they played the game in olden times.

The evolution of lacrosse can be accredited to a Jesuit missionary named Jean de Brebeuf, who documented this sport for the first time ever in 1636. In the 1800s, French pioneers developed an interest in the game and started playing it. Eventually, a Canadian dentist named William George Beers officially finalized the standards, rules and regulations of the sport in 1867. The game is played by both men and women, with the rules being slightly relaxed for women lacrosse teams.

Lacrosse is a high-powered full body contact game where skill and agility matter more than brawn. In 1867, shortly after Beers codified the game, the first ever lacrosse match was played by Canadian men, whereas women’s lacrosse developed considerably later in 1890, when the first ever women’s lacrosse match was played in Scotland. Both forms of the games have been popular in the U.S. ever since then, and most high schools and colleges have their own lacrosse teams and compete in tournaments against each other. Sports channels show a variety of games and watching sports on television is fun, but it can never beat the ambiance of watching the game live in a stadium full of screaming fans. Moreover, not every game gets live coverage on television and watching a recorded game isn’t any fun at all. Finding cheap tickets to fulfill your urge to watch a live lacrosse game is now possible.
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