Country/folk music is considered as a mellow sub-form of country music which is more up-beat. This genre focuses more on the songwriting than on the singer's vocals, so the songs usually tend to be more emotionally complex and thoughtful than the more mainstream country music. Generally speaking, the origin of folk music dates back to ancient times when people used this form of music to talk about the lifestyle of the common man. And it is from there that the country folk genre came into being and is still being played and loved today.

Although, since in the sixties, the name country folk was used to distinguish this music genre as a hybrid form of country and American folk music. The term country folk is also sometimes used to describe country and western music in its early form. Mainly because song writers and musicians such as, Bob Dylan, Pete Seger and the man in black Johnny Cash preferred to write their own material and performed their own songs. And it is this respect that drives the more full-fledged country singers of today to cover these timeless country/folk songs.

Even with the Grand Ole Opry still going strong in Nashville, Tennessee, country folk music is rarely heard in their shows, which means that the only place to catch it live is in the concerts that are organized in various states to quench the thirst of the fans of traditional American music. The country folk music genre of today, offers a blend of rich nuanced melodies coupled with wonderful vocal harmonies and even though several other music genres, such as, hard rock, pop and hip-hop have come out since, country folk music is still going strong and has its own following of music enthusiasts of the genre.

If you feel like experiencing the soulful and deep music of country folk music live, and are looking for the latest hoe-down in country folk entertainment, look no further. You can still catch your favorite country folk artists performing live including Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Toby Keith and the list goes on and on and on.

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