The classical era of music began in 1750 lasting until the early 1800s. The Baroque style of music that came before this period was a complex and technical form of expression. The classical composers simplified this art of music and expressed themselves with clarity, giving due weight to the balance and proportion of their expressions. Johann Sebastian Bach had been a great master of the Baroque style and his sons were the leading composers in the new artistic movement that gave way to classical music.

The main form of music that developed during the classic period was the Sonata form, which is still popular today. The construction of a Sonata is quite similar to the skeleton sketch of a play as the spirit of the Sonata used to be a conflict, depicted between two themes or two contracting characters. The contrast and conflict is intensified throughout the course of the Sonata, ultimately leading to a climax and a resulting resolution.

Along with the Sonata came the development of the symphony, the modern concerto, the trio and quartet; that allowed music to reach a peak in its structural form. All these forms of music were molded to adapt the dramatic characteristics of the Sonata, resulting in a unified whole.

Public concerts gained fame in the classical era, making it easier for composers to survive without the support of the aristocrats. Individual composers and artists started holding their own concerts for the public rather than being restricted to the drawing rooms of the elite. This enabled them to gain popularity on their own from large audiences and as the public started attending concerts, it gave rise to the growth of the orchestra.

Live music and singing became common and grand orchestra halls were built to accommodate a large number of people. The central stage in these halls could accommodate the entire orchestral band as well as the composers and singers.

Classical music productions and concerts are still held today, catering to house-full audiences filled with fans of the classical times. Tickets to these events are easily available online and many sites claim to offer you the tickets at cheap or discounted prices. But if you truly want an amazing deal, visit to buy your tickets for the latest classical events.

Classical Music Events

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