Although, the art of fist fighting comes naturally to us, when asked, many people won’t know who actually invented boxing? The legendary sport actually came about in ancient Greece, way back in 688 BC and was also a part of the formal sports of the Olympics where fist fighting contests were (and still are) held. There are also many legends tied to this sport. Some credit its invention to the Greek god Apollo himself, which is something that people still believe even today. Others say the credit goes to one Sir John Douglas, the 8th Marquees of Queensbury, who formally defined the rules of the game in the late 1800s.

Unlike ancient Greeks, who basically started off bare knuckle boxing where, two opponents would simply punch each other to the death. The evolution of modern boxing as we know it, started off by introducing new rules, such as, wearing gloves for safety and slashing of the “till death” part, which is also now better known as the ‘Queensbury rules’. These rules were codified in England and are the same rules that are still being used today.

But for most of us, boxing gave us our own heroes, people who we looked up to and admired, the “out-fighters”. People like, “The Fighting Marine” Gene Tunney, “The Brockton Blockbuster” Rocky Marciano, “Smokin” Joe Frazier and the incomparable Muhammad Ali. They punched like thunder and moved like lightning inside the ring with their skill, speed, and reflexes. They were the masters of the sweet science, the ‘real’ dudes that everyone was afraid of, far ahead of their times in terms of their tactical nous, for which they will forever live in the annals of history. Rugged and aware, ebbing and flowing, with plenty of heart, these men practically layed the foundations of what we now call modern heavyweight boxing.

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